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Shell Scheme Stands

Customised to your Colour Scheme and Brand

A shell scheme exhibition stand is a customisable option that can be tailored to fit any venue size, as it is built using a modular system of graphic panels and poles. This makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses that prioritise cost-efficiency or have limited space available.

  • High impact and ultimate value option
  • Transform an otherwise dull looking space
  • Totally stand yourself out from the crowd around you
  • A range of options to choose from, for different levels of budget

Even small shell scheme stands can look great and leave an impact!

Even with a small shell scheme stand, remarkable outcomes can still be achieved through the implementation of the appropriate solution. This will enable your business to present a display that instills a sense of pride.

We possess a deep understanding of the complexities associated with operating within a confined space. However, utilising our expertise, we are fully prepared to support you in maximising the potential of your limited area. Our tailor-made shell scheme designs are meticulously crafted to effectively utilise the available space, providing a robust platform for showcasing your products and services.

Our team of designers will walk you through this revolutionary approach step-by-step, collaborating to produce a unique design that perfectly embodies the spirit, story, and marketing goals of your company. Furthermore, we’re dedicated to making sure your design properly conveys your message, engages your audience, and is simple to navigate.

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    Shell Scheme Design

    We acknowledge the uniqueness of your brand and recognise the importance of a personalised design. Our team of experienced designers is committed to immersing themselves in your brand’s identity, comprehending your target audience, and creating a design that establishes an authentic connection with them.

    Our designers will embark on a personal journey with you, producing striking and captivating 3D design concepts that flawlessly encapsulate your brand’s persona and message. We guarantee to elevate your exhibiting experience by surpassing all your expectations with our stand designs.

    Whether your objective is to attract new customers, generate leads, or promote a new product, our shell scheme design services will assist you in achieving your goals.

    Bespoke Project Management

    Our mission is to take all the pressure out of exhibiting for you. With our seamless services, we aim to provide a stress-free and straightforward experience that surpasses your expectations.

    Part of our services include a dedicated account manager who will direct through the process from start to finish. We believe in working alongside you every stage of your journey to guarantee that you have the best exhibiting experience possible. You’ll soon see us as an extension of your own team, rather than just a supplier.

    When it comes to exhibiting, we recognise the need to work with a team that you can trust. Our team is made up of specialists who are passionate about producing the greatest results for our clients. We are committed in delivering a high level of professionalism in everything we do, so you can be rest assured that your exhibiting experience is in good hands.

    Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand Builds

    When it comes to exhibiting, having a first-class display can make all the difference in enticing prospective customers to your brand. At our industry-leading build facility, we guarantee only the highest quality for your unique “shop front” at the show.

    We believe in providing a seamless and dependable service for all our clients. That’s why we handle everything in-house, from the initial design to the final build. By doing so, we can ensure that every aspect of your stand meets our uncompromising benchmarks of quality and excellence.

    Exhibiting can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. With our team handling the build of your display, you can relax and enjoy the show, secure in the knowledge that everything will be perfect and organised on exhibition day. Our conviction lies in providing our clients with an experience devoid of stress, and our meticulous in-house management is just one way that we achieve that.

    Need some inspiration?

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