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We Are Creation

Our job is to get people talking. We create engaging experiences that inspire your audience and produce results. We are experts at bringing your brand to life with award-winning designs that are proven to drive traffic to your exhibition stand.

  • We Design
  • We Project Manage
  • We Build

Long story short, we take care of everything so you can focus on what you do best.

Giving Back

What can we all do to make the world a better place? We can’t all do great things, but we can all do small things with great love to make a difference.

The exhibitions and events industry is notoriously wasteful and demanding on resources. To combat this, nearly all of our materials used are recycled and we are committed to striving towards zero waste to landfill.

When you work with us on your next exhibition stand, together we help to make a little difference. For each exhibition stand this is what we do…

Planting Trees

Even though we recycle materials wherever possible, naturally we have to use some natural materials. Timber is often used to provide ultimate flexibility and a high quality finish. Working with World Land Trust to offset using our planets precious resources, for every exhibition stand we build for you, we plant a tree with the help of World Land Trust.

World Land Trust Logo

World Land Trust

Cleaning The Oceans

Naturally, waste unfortunately isn’t always recycled and often ends up in landfill or the oceans. Working with SAS, when you appoint us to build your stand, we help to fund a school beach clean-up. Removing kilograms of waste from beaches and preventing them from entering back into the oceans and damaging marine life as well as educating young people to inspire a more eco-friendly next generation.

SAS Logo

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS)

The Gift of Sight

Our creative industry rewards us with so many engaging things to catch our eyes. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the gift of sight however. When you appoint us to build your next stand, we donate to pay for an operation to cure someone of blindness. Cataract Blindness effects 18 million people worldwide. In the UK we are privileged to have a health service for this simple operation but other countries aren’t as fortunate.

Savitri Trust Logo

Savitri Trust

Reducing Waste

For every exhibition stand we design, we send you a reusable cup! Whether or not you chose to appoint us as your partners for the show, we’re grateful to be given the opportunity to pitch for your project. Reuse your Creation drinker time and time again and do your bit to reduce single use plastic.


Our Team

Our innovative and energetic team always work together to deliver the very best exhibition show stands. We will become and extension of your team and have some fun along the way – ensuring an amazing design turns into an incredible build!


Sandra ‘The Visualiser’

Sandra brings your dream to reality. She lives and breathes design and her 3D design concepts win awards.

Gavin 'The Pioneer'

Gavin ‘The Pioneer’

Full of big ideas, Gavin leads by example and is always exploring the most efficient way to get projects done.


Jamie ‘Mr Detailed’

Jamie loves to get stuck into the complex projects.Your challenges are Jamie’s hobbies!


Amy ‘The Socialite’

Never misses a company social, capturing the perfect insta moment or spotting new opportunities!

Sam 'The Visionary'

Sam ‘The Visionary’

Sam’s passion and experience in the industry is why Creation was born. You’ll still see Sam in the design studio and onsite!


Gabrio ‘The All-rounder’

Gabs can often be found behind the scenes making sure the entire Creation processes run seamlessly!

Kristin -

Kirstin ‘The Arty One’

Uber-creative Kirstin translates her love of art and design into producing the best possible visuals for our clients.


Jeni ‘The All Embracer’

Jeni’s inclusive attitude and open-minded approach to life makes her the perfect convener to bring your exhibition stand project together.

Iain -

Iain ‘Mr Motivated’

Whether it’s rugby, boxing or your exhibition stand, Iain is a true team-player whose motivation is delivering the best result for our clients.

Emmie 'The Apprentice'

Emmie ‘The Apprentice’

Working alongside her coworkers, Emmie is eager to learn everything and anything!

Lewis 'The Adventurer'

Lewis ‘The Adventurer’

Kiwi-born Lewis is our outside-the-box thinker, bringing his passion for adventure into his ideas and work.


Peter ‘The Solutionist’

Tech-savvy Peter thrives on finding better ways to get things done across finance, HR and operations at Creation HQ.

Nathan 'Mr Multi-Faceted'

Nathan ‘Mr Multi-Faceted’

With a love of all different hobbies, interests and past-times, Nathan is equally as diverse and dynamic in his 3D design approach.

Tahirah 'The Facilitator'

Tahirah ‘The Facilitator’

With Tahirah on your team life gets a lot sweeter. Whether she is managing an exhibition build or baking a cake, the whole process from…

Joy 'The Polymath'

Joy ‘The Polymath’

here’s nothing our resident polyglot musician Joy can’t accomplish!

Chris 'Mr Modular'

Chris ‘Mr Modular’

Our go-to guy for the anything and everything modular, football fan Chris will be scoring goals with our improved modular proposition!

Luis 'The Thrill Seeker'

Luis ‘The Thrill Seeker’

Active foodie Luis embraces the thrill of the road. He also thrives on the excitement of bringing in new clients and managing client accounts!


Jon ‘The Make-It-Happener’

Jon lives and breathes design and build – whether managing and delivering successful exhibition stand projects or doing ambitious DIY builds at home.

Jonno 'The Sales Guru'

Jonno ‘The Sales Guru’

Seasoned sales professional Jonno’s mantra “How Can I Help You?” says it all about his unbeatable dedication to client service and relationships.

Lucie 'The Planning Maestro'

Lucie ‘The Planning Maestro’

Our expert on managing the entire lifecycle of events from planning to execution.


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